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Transforming the way schools ‘work’ is an ambitious goal. Yet if ever there was a time for realignment between the changes we see in the world, and the way schools respond to meet the challenge of this change, it’s now. My approach to working with schools is strongly relational and my knowledge of wellbeing is informed by experts in the fields of education, psychology and coaching.

Wellbeing is everyone's responsibility

While programs play a part in supporting individual wellbeing, they cannot be the foundation on which your wellbeing strategy is developed. Everyone plays a role as an agent of school change.

Wellbeing is contextual

Your wellbeing strategy will only be effective if you consider the context of your school. This includes your values, your people, your policies and procedures and your environment.

Psychological safety is a must for transformational change

You need to create the space and opportunity for people to have courageous conversations. Let them know it’s OK to make mistakes and challenge the status quo. When these conditions exist, deeply inclusive environments are created.

Be more coach-like

Asking more questions and being more coach-like are two key characteristics associated with leadership impact. Coaching helps you remain curious. It’s worth remembering that coaching is available to all of us. It is not a profession, but rather a way of being with each other.  

Change work is
hard work

Transformation is the idea that to change we have to transform mindsets and habits of mind. Schools who succeed in changing culture convince people to give up highly over-learned ways of thinking and distribute power in such a way as to allow others to gain a sense of ownership over the goals and the process of change.  

"Schools who succeed in changing culture distribute power in such a way as to allow others to gain a sense of ownership over the goals and the process of change."

- Sue Chandler, Founder, Transformative Schools



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