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4 Ways I can Help


Design the system in which people learn and work.


Student and staff wellbeing is now a major focus for schools. It can, however, be hard to know where to start and how to ensure your strategy brings about meaningful change.  


Starting with an understanding of your context and taking an evidence-based, systems approach to wellbeing design, I can help co-create a custom-made, long-term plan of action to build sustainable wellbeing through strategies embedded into policy, practice, programs, pedagogy, measurement and ultimately, school culture.  

My consultancy approach is grounded in Appreciative Inquiry (AI) methodology and certification as a Wellness Designs® Practitioner.  


I welcome the opportunity to partner with you in designing a targeted and sustainable wellbeing strategy that aligns the values you espouse with the values you practice.


If you have an appetite for transformational change in the way your school understands and translates the science of wellbeing into practice, then let’s start a conversation! 


Build the skills within your organisation.


It’s one thing to design a great strategy. It’s another to build skills and confidence in those whose responsibility it is to lead the strategy.  


As an accredited Growth Coach International (GCI) coach, I can help school leaders manage the transition of change, overcome resistance, and support change out of commitment rather than compliance.  


Coaching is personalised, confidential and flexibly scheduled to suit the individual. It offers leaders a safe space to think, challenge, reflect and ultimately gain clarity that drives next steps.  

My background in counselling and dispute resolution offers a complementary skill set that enhances my ability to listen deeply and ask ‘the right questions’ that lead to powerful and transformational change.  


Trainings and workshops are personalised to target your needs and provide practical strategies, skills and tools that can be applied immediately.  


Let me work with you and your teams to build wellbeing knowledge, capacity and competence in relational approaches that are integral to the success of organisational change.  


Take care of your staff.


All schools have a responsibility to facilitate professional development and protect staff against compassion fatigue and burnout.   


While it has been common practice for counsellors to receive regular professional supervision, it is becoming increasingly important for all members of your pastoral care team to have access to this level of professional development. 

I hold Level 4 accreditation with the Australian Counselling Association and a certificate of attainment in Professional Supervisor using the RISE UP-Supervision model. RISE UP is an approved Clinical/Professional Supervision training program that meets the eligibility criteria for membership to the ACA Professional College of Supervisors.

The value of Supervision to your staff is significant. It includes:  

  • The enhancement of skills, competence and confidence

  • The provision of a reflective space and emotional support 

  • Assistance with professional development 

  • Ensuring that how they work with students is safe, ethical, competent and within the confines of their role and expertise. 

Individual and group supervision is available.


Prevent conflict, repair harm and restore relationships.


Restorative Practice is a framework that schools can adopt to create safe, inclusive places of wellbeing, learning and connection.  


Building social and emotional capacity in students and adults enables them to bravely engage with each other when conflict arises and lean into, rather than avoid, difficult conversations.  


If your school wants to build a restorative culture, then you will need a clear strategy. It cannot be something you only employ when things go wrong.  

I offer training in Restorative Practice theory and practice – the WHY, the WHAT and the HOW. Training is tailored to the needs of your organisation.  

As an experienced Restorative Practice facilitator, I work with schools to resolve high level conflict. When the extent of the conflict exceeds the skills within your organisation it is advisable to invest in bringing in an external consultant. Consider the impact on people and productivity within the organisation if you don’t!   


If you are looking for some assistance in developing a whole school relationship management / positive behaviour strategy that incorporates Restorative Practice, well I can help with this, too! In fact, if you get this part right, you will have less need for my services as an external facilitator!  



Renowned for her warmth, wisdom and compassion, Sue’s professional insights are highly prized. A creative, innovative and approachable leader, she is passionate about delivering positive and impactful programs.

 She was instrumental in the creation, implementation and successful adoption of our Positive Behaviour Strategy and the introduction of Restorative Practice as our fundamental approach to developing positive relationships within our School community.

Principal, All Hallows' School



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West End, Brisbane, Australia

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