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Have you ever had an 'Ah-ha!' Moment?

Mine came in 2009 when I met Professor Martin Seligman, regarded as the founder of Positive Psychology, the scientific exploration of human wellness and optimal functioning. I was studying a master’s degree in counselling at the time, and I was at Geelong Grammar School to participate in a 6-day residential course in Positive Psychology.  

It was the transformational moment in my 29-year career in education. From this moment on, I knew that wellbeing was integral to the whole school system and the shaping of teacher development and organisational health and wellness.  


Over a decade on and the great challenge remains.  

Wellbeing can no longer be an afterthought. Nor presented through a siloed program, led by albeit dedicated staff, or under the separate banners of pastoral care or mental health.  


Community expectations have changed.  Parents expect schools to foster a positive atmosphere that will stimulate their child’s intellectual and emotional growth in equal measure. Young people are also actively engaged and expect to have a voice in how their school supports their wellbeing too. The World Health Organisation now classifies workplace “burnout” as an occupational phenomenon, and teachers are a group most at risk. Post COVID-19, astute prospective employees are on the lookout for organisations who prioritise staff wellbeing in ways that go far beyond tokenistic interventions and incentives. They want greater flexibility, greater trust and greater autonomy; all necessary ingredients for thriving in the workplace.  

With wellbeing now at the top of the agenda, now is the opportunity for school leaders to invest in transformational change. Your community will thank you for it.  



This is even more relevant as we consider the profound impact a global pandemic is having on schools and schooling. This is a moment of transition where many existing practices in education are outdated and contradictory to what young people need if they are to navigate the chaos and complexity of the current climate. It begs the following questions for you and your school:  What is school for?  and Is the wellbeing of your staff and students really a priority?  

 I welcome the opportunity to understand your goals within the context of your school and the unique challenges you face. 

I can promise you a relationship founded on trust, authenticity, curiosity and expertise.  

BTW! Here’s a small fun fact…I watched Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration sitting alongside Martin Seligman. Two extraordinary men of their time trying to change the global conversation from one of deficit, to one of strength and optimism.  


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